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Success stories

Professionalism, effectiveness, results

Our Challenge

Ancora aims to adapt digital factories to the human factor. Thanks to its Ancora® Worker Connect solution, it allows production plant workers and managers to exchange information easily and efficiently with digital management systems in order to boost efficiency and competitiveness.

Ancora tools allow for effective collaboration and convert data into actions that create real value for its customers by using mobile and artificial intelligence technologies to make workers’ tasks in manufacturing processes easier.

Ancora’s goal is to place technology at the service of people and to use it to improve the way in which we relate to the world. We not only share this view at naifman, but we also consider it as a key feature of the marketing strategy’s value proposition.

In order to increase its sales in Spain and move forward in its long-term industry 4.0 marketing strategy, Ancora decided to engage naifman to develop and implement a marketing action plan.

This was a challenge we at naifman proudly took on alongside Ancora, well aware of the enormous challenge posed by completing projects in the industrial sector having lengthy sales cycles that require persistence and perseverance.

Professionalism, effectiveness, results

Our Solution

We carried out a series of marketing strategies for Ancora aimed at covering the Spanish industrial sector’s needs with an initial focus on generating business opportunities (qualified meetings) involving companies with metal machining plants and companies with other kinds of short series manufacturing.

In order to do so, we jointly outlined our target audience with Ancora by setting criteria like company size, sectors of interest and ideal contact to get in touch with, along with other factors. We subsequently developed a series of different marketing messages aimed at helping us approach potential leads interested in Ancora services in the most personalised way possible.

Once the marketing actions had been launched, we internally analysed the marketing activity’s outcome on a periodic fortnightly basis. This allowed us at all times to draw up several iterations of the strategy in order to refocus the segmentation’s different aspects in keeping with the outcomes and circumstances.

Furthermore, the more than 60 meetings held involving the Ancora team and potential customers helped our client get a clearer picture of the industry based on the feedback obtained by gaining a deeper understanding of certain sectors’ specific needs and, on the basis of that, refocusing its offering and services accordingly.

As a result, Ancora managed to establish business ties with nearly 40 companies involved in the aeronautical, automotive and industrial sectors and conclude its first project with a company in the building industry.

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