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Professionalism, effectiveness, results

Our Challenge

ProOpt International is a technology company based in Leuven, Belgium, offering software solutions for process optimization. Through its ProOpt Advisor and ProOpt Material Management tools, the company seeks to improve operational performance in the industrial sector.

The premise of ProOpt is that by providing the right information to the right person at the right time, decisions are optimized, quicker and more consistent. To do this, the company combines real-time data from different information sources and a digital twin, from which data is obtained to optimize operational parameters, improve energy efficiency, increase quality and reduce errors.

In February 2022, ProOpt decided to count on naifman to work hand in hand in generating business opportunities for its ProOpt Advisor and ProOpt Material Management solutions in France. Subsequently, we also prospected countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Given our experience and knowledge developing commercial strategies in these markets, as well as the necessary command of languages to penetrate them, we felt qualified to carry out this task through our business development consulting and external commercial force service.

Professionalism, effectiveness, results

Our Solution

After an onboarding phase in which we delve into the details of the ProOpt project to learn about its customers, competitors and sectors of interest, we developed a commercial strategy based on the usually long sales cycles of the industrial, metallurgical and mining sectors.

For the above, we took into consideration the client’s main purchase motivation: saving time by having the information available in a data repository and not in different sources of information, facilitating planning, data verification and generation of reports. This motivation responds mainly to the “pain” that SMEs that operate independently without an IT department have, this being in principle our main target.

With the strategy clear on the horizon, initially for France, and then for the rest of the countries mentioned above, and thanks to the formation of a trilingual team, we developed commercial messages in Dutch, French and German and launched our business development consulting and external commercial force service, through which we managed to contact hundreds of companies, generating a total of 36 business opportunities.

In parallel to this service, naifman also provided support in generating business meetings at various industry events, such as METEC in Germany, one of the main fairs for the metallurgical sector in Europe and a top priority event for our client. On that occasion, we took charge of prospecting (which also allowed us to detect an existing need of Nordic companies for ProOpt’s services), making contact with potential clients and coordinating appointments.

Throughout this collaboration with ProOptnaifman’s flexibility in terms of language proficiency, knowledge of the markets, events and sectors, was a key factor to iterate the strategy when required and thus achieve the success of the commercial strategies.

As a result of the commercial actions carried out by naifman, the ProOpt team was able to strengthen its presence in the selected markets, establish commercial ties with qualified interlocutors and put exclusive focus on achieving sales objectives, leaving the prospecting stage in our team’s hands.

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